Mother’s Day wrapping paper

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Rating: Beginner/Intermediate Time: 30 minutes

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PNG file
Photoshop PSD file

I decided instead of using a gift bag for the Mother’s Day gifts from my daughter we should wrap them. I’ve made “wrapping paper” before. The secret to this is to use a very thin light-weight paper, otherwise if using regular paper it’ll have too much bulk when folded.

The Tiffany’s box is already blue so I’m continuing with the blue theme and so the paper’s background would be blue. I like the idea of writing in crayon on the paper, but instead of doing it by hand, which could be done, although crayon tends to smudge if handled too much, especially by kids. ;-) So I used Photoshop to “draw” over some text. I made 12 different colours from the original and ended with this.

Click to enlarge:

In Microsoft Word I simply pasted the graphic images randomly on the page at random angles. I printed a few sheets and am ready to wrap!

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