Mother’s Day pennant banner

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Rating: Beginner
Time: 2 hours

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We started a few weeks early on our Mother’s Day preparations this year, and so my daughter and I are finished this year’s craft project, which I’ll document later. Driving home yesterday my daughter (age 3.5) asked what else are we going to be doing/making for Mother’s Day. Well, that was it, we were done, but she was so excited I had to think of something else in the car on the way home!

We’ve made a cool Happy Birthday banner before (I’ll document it another time), so why not a Happy Mother’s day banner?

So I got thinking! :-)

I want it to be easy, and fun for my daughter. She likes cutting and glueing, so I need to make sure she can do it but also keep her focus. As I said, she’s only 3 1/2!

The great thing about this banner, or any banner, is that it can easily be customized for other events like Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, or any other celebration or event.

First thing is deciding on the type of banner. I’m going for a pennant type banner, with little pointy flags strung across a wall. Each flag will have a letter on it. I remember growing up as a kid and seeing many banners like this but don’t see too many these days.

Because of the limited time each night to work on crafts and projects without my wife seeing we’ll do this over two evenings.

To keep things simple, for this project I only used a few sheets of standard Letter size printer paper for the actual flags. Fancy card-stock or colored paper could be used to create a different effect. 5 of the sheets created 3 flags each. I’ll need 15 flags to make “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”, which works out perfectly. Then from the off-cuts we’ll need a couple of spacer’s for between the letters.

I divided my page up as below (click to enlarge).

Each pennant flag works out to be 5″ wide by 8.5″ tall, the width of the Letter page.

By making tiny tick marks on the 1st page using a cutting tool I cut all 5 sheets at 1 time.

Using the scoring attachment I scored each pennant flag 1/2″ from the top, this is so there’ll be enough space between my glue tape and the fold so the string is free to move between the small gap. What’s nice about using this method is that all the flags on the banner get to be exactly the same, you’re not eye-balling it.

Folded over there’s going to be overhang on the edges because of the shape of the flags, so I marked the top sheet and cut a bunch through the cutter at 1 time, ensuring they’re all the same and getting it done quicker than 1 by 1.

Next we’ll need to mark each flag to ensure that when we stick the letters on they are all lined up and don’t look crooked when hanging up. You could eye-ball it, but then when strung up it may look wonky! What I did was very gently score each flag 1″ from the top fold, as seen in the photo below.

For the spacers between words I cut out strips from the paper off-cuts that measured 1″ by 3″. I scored and folded them as can be seen from the next pic.

Now that all the flags are cut and folded it’s time to cut out the letters for the banner. This can either be done by printing letters from your computer and cutting out by hand (or printing on the paper before cutting out the individual flags), or if you’re lucky enough to own a Cricut machine, as pictured below, you can use your Cricut to cut out any shapes and letters you’d like for your banner.

Using the Cricut I cut out letters that were about 2.5″ high by about 2″ – 2.5″ wide, depending on the letter. You’ll need to measure your flag to see what the maximum size (width and height) of your letters should be.

I made each alternate letter a different color, so we first cut out all the odd letters on 1 sheet and the even on another differently color sheet. You can see the cut-out letters below, as well as the paper loaded to cut the 2nd sheet.

Instead of glueing things I find it easier to use this special thin double-sided tape, available at the craft store. It comes in different width’s for different purposes. I find glue, especially glue sticks, don’t stick well, and come apart after a long time. And more liquidy glue tends to put too much moisture in the paper, causing it to warp. (I’m keen to try a spray-adhesive available in a spray can. For another project I used sheets of little glue dots, but use what’s appropriate for the task.) See the next photo for the glue strips attached to the spacers, top of the flags and some of the letters.

Glueing down the letters is a breeze, simply peel off the backing (my daughter enjoyed this part!) of the double-sided tape and line up the top of the letter with the scored marking and centered on the flag and paste it down. My daughter made sure each letter was pressed down really well! :-)

For the top of the flag, place the string on the fold and fold over without catching the string under the glue strip.

Once everything’s glued you’re done! The banner folds up easily for storage while waiting for the big day to arrive.

I’ve got a few pics below of the final product.

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