Mother’s Day Envelope

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Rating: Beginner / Intermediate Time: 30 minutes

I’m working with my daughter on this year’s Mother’s Day project.  One of the things we’ll need is an envelope.  I’ve created envelopes before, but won’t be doing that for this task.  What I do want though is an envelope with fancy printing on it, with the word MOM on it.  I’m looking for something with lacy detail, but not lace, and something that looks like it’s floating but not.  It has to be awesome, like Mom!  ;-)

Usually I create my graphics in Photoshop on my Mac, but sometimes I’m using a Windows PC and  I don’t always have Photoshop available to me.  Sometimes I therefore use the free software program Gimp.  Gimp’s not a bad tool, for quick editing of files, but it’s got some powerful easy-t0-use features too!

Before we dive into Gimp, we need to know how big this image needs to be.  Too big and the detail of the lace work may be lost, and too small means it’ll need to be blown up and will be pixelated when printed.  There’s an easy way to figure this out.  Printing at say 150dpi or 300dpi (dpi stands for dots per inch) should be sufficient for the eye.  The envelope’s a standard 5×7 size (inches that is).  I’m going to work with the lower res image, but feel free to create it any size you want.  The image size I need to create to print 5×7 at 150dpi would be 750×1050, and that’s measured in pixels.

In Gimp, create a new document with the dimensions above, specifying a transparent background.  This can easily be done in Photoshop too.

Use the Text Tool to create the word MOM as big as you want it on the envelope.  Gimp will put this text on it’s own layer.  Choose a big bold font.  I used Sigmare One, a font from Google Fonts.

You should have something like this, so far.

Right click on the text layer and select Alpha To Selection.  This is easily done in Photoshop too.  Create a new transparent layer, and hide the text layer for now.  With the new layer selected and the MOM outline still selected, choose the the brush options as I’ve selected below and paint over the selected area to create the same effect.

This is just to get some random shades of grey for the next step.  I also created a temporary white layer so the effect will be more visible when viewing.  We’ll turn off the uneeded layers when we save later.

Under Filters, Distorts, Mosiac, select a largish tile size as I’ve done below, which is what we want to produce the lace effect.

Do another effect with Filters, Artistic, Predator.  Then another effect, Filters, Alpha To Logo, Chalk, and choose a grey color.  Adjust your curves (Colors, Curves) so the image gets darker, like I’ve done below.

Next, add a drop shadow, with the options I’ve specifed.

You should have the final effect, as below.

Printed out your Mother’s Day envelope will look good!  Some pics of the final product are below.

This graphic effect tutorial can be applied to other events too, for example, Father’s Day, etc.

You can either follow these instructions for the effect, or soon you’ll be able to purchase the final image file (in png format) ready to print from our store.  If you’re interested in purchasing the final image file now, please email me at

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