Mother’s Day card


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Rating: Beginner Time: 1 hour

I’ve seen a a few craft silhouette type things online, and thought it’d be cool to make a card for Mother’s Day with my daughter’s silhouette (age 3.5) on it for my wife. We have an ultrasound picture of my daughter and it’s a side view of her head, like she’s laying down. My wife has this picture on her side of the bed. This card will be cool in that it’s amazing to see how similar/the same the silhouette is to the ultrasound. My daughter still looks the same from the side even from before she was born!

First thing for this card was to get a side view picture of my daughter. Easier said than done with a 3 1/2 year old! ;-) After each picture she jumps up and yells “I want to see! I want to see!” ;-)

Once I had a picture I could work with I imported it into Adobe Illustrator so I could trace the outline of the silhouette and save the traced line as a SVG file which I used to cut out on the Cricut using Sure Cuts A Lot (v2). This could be done by hand too, printing the image and cutting out with a scissors.

When tracing the silhouette in Adobe Illustrator I did one trace of her complete head. My daughter also has these headbands with little sparkly things on that she wears. One in particular that she always wears is this purple one. When I took her picture she was wearing this purple headband. What I did was also trace the outline of the purple headband. So I ended up with 2 cutouts, one black of the head and another purple which would be the headband. I felt the purple headband would add a touch of my daughter to the silhouette, showing it’s her, not that it’s difficult to see it’s her, but it adds a nice touch.

For the actual card, I downloaded a font on Google Web Fonts which worked well with the look I was going for. On another website I found a loverly girly swirly pattern to use as well. Using good old Microsoft Word I laid out the graphic and text. I printed this onto regular white cardstock. Using a cutter I cut the card to the dimensions to fit the 5×7 envelope I previously created, and blogged about.

Now that I had the card printed I could figure out exactly how big to cut the silhouette on the Cricut machine.

For the glue on this project I used the LetraTac adhesive glue dot sheets. They work really well in that you simply press down the object to be glued, rub over it, lift it up and it’s ready to stick. Once positioned rub down on the object to get it to stick. I did this for the silhouette and headband. Next step was to recreate the exact look of the headband. My wife had these little rhinestone type things in her craft case. I “borrowed” a few. ;-) Placed on the card the silhouette looks exactly like my daughter and her favorite headband! It’s very cool.

For the inside of the card I got my daughter to write in it. For a 3 1/2 year old she’s really good at writing!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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